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    • Though disagreeable, a brief onion odor might be not a trigger for concern on your well being, in response to gynecologist Dr. Mary Jane Minkin.
    • The odor may very well be an indication that penetration has briefly modified your vaginal pH. If it is bothersome, a pH balancing gel may also help, however it’s additionally okay to let it.
    • Your food regimen might additionally play a job, as onions and garlic could cause vaginal discharge odor. Both means, this can be a regular incidence and there may be nothing to be embarrassed about.
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    Often my vaginal discharge has little or no odor, and my boyfriend’s arms are pretty clear.

    However normally just a few hours to a day after he fingers me, my secretions actually odor like onion. I do know, it is so embarrassing.
    Tits odor disappears after a bathe. Generally my boyfriend washes his arms earlier than doing something as a result of I instructed him about it, however the odor nonetheless lingers on.
    My discharge would not change in consistency or shade, simply the odor. I do not know what it’s or what to do. Ought to I be fearful?


    Pricey Massachusetts,


    An onion-scented vagina seems scary, however don’t be concerned: the odor you odor there may be in all probability not a trigger for concern.

    Based on Yale professor and gynecologist Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a brief irregular odor probably means your vaginal pH has modified because of your boyfriend’s fingers. Intercourse toys and penile penetration can even result in a cool odor after intercourse, in response to Minkin. However for the reason that odor goes away after you bathe, it is in all probability not an indication of a well being drawback.

    “I feel the primary concern is how lengthy does it final? How transient is it? If somebody has somewhat odor and it is gone the subsequent day, don’t be concerned,” Minkin mentioned.

    In actual fact, everybody’s vaginal discharge smells barely completely different, and that is fully regular, in response to Minkin.

    On the flip facet, a extra persistent onion odor that lasts for a number of days may very well be an indication that you’ve bacterial vaginosis, an an infection that happens when too many “dangerous” micro organism develop within the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis can be typically accompanied by itching and generally a burning sensation whenever you pee, in response to the Mayo Clinic.

    If the odor persists, it’s best to see your well being care supplier. But when it is extra of a brief post-sexual annoyance, Minkin steered a pH-balancing gel like Refresh, which helps restore your vagina to a standard pH stage and thus limits any lingering odor.

    Keep away from douching or female wipes and sprays, as these merchandise might make the odor worse or result in an infection.

    You may additionally need to decide in case your food regimen is enjoying a job. Consuming onions and garlic could cause an onion odor in your vaginal discharge for twenty-four to 48 hours, beforehand mentioned Dr. Debora Nucatolah, medical director of Deliberate Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. Vogue teenagers. She mentioned a bathe does the job to eliminate the odor, identical to you’ve skilled.

    Regardless of the trigger, a brief funk is ok with you. So long as you get pleasure from intercourse and care for your self, I say your vagina is at peace.

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